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Online interview – the future!

Imagine the scene

The year is 2621 and you have just graduated from the University of Earth. You had applied for a job at the Institute. You get home to receive a hologram informing you that you have an interview in the next five minutes!

5 minutes later, you are sitting in your living pod and the interviewer has appeared in front of you as a hologram. Your interview goes well, and you are told you are hired!

A fantasy story ….

But the one certain thing. Online interviews will become commonplace.

There are advantages for employers to conduct an online interview


Flexibility: The employer can schedule the interview at a time that is convenient to everyone. In the case of a pre-recorded video interview. The candidate can answer prearranged questions and the recruiter can look at the video on the go, using mobile apps.

Cost-saving: There would be no need to hire a venue for the interview. The candidate would not have to travel to attend the interview, saving travel expenses.

Green credentials: The absence of travelling means fewer greenhouse gases produced.

Embracing visuals: Pinterest and Instagram have shown that text alone content (in a CV) is not enough. Recruiters need to see and hear from candidates to evaluate if the candidate is right for the position.

Back to the story…

You got the job because you were prepared. The online interview training you received had given you the confidence to succeed in the interview. This training taught you how to present yourself on screen, how to talk with confidence and how to show that you are the right person for the position. That was why the interviewer was so impressed that you were offered the position on the spot.

Now to the present

To succeed in an online interview, you will need the following:

How to present yourself on screen.

What to do during the interview

Know what to say and what Not to say during the interview.

Don’t get left behind.

The future is online – are you ready for it?