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Online Interview Service

Online Interview Service

online interview service

The future is digital!

Online interviews are becoming more commonplace. Person to person interviews will still take place. Online and pre-recorded interviews will increase in popularity.

To ensure that you are prepared, Gold Medal Tuition has a service to help you get ahead. It is called “Online Interview – Tips and Techniques for Success”.

The service will show you:

How to present yourself on the computer screen:
Cover topics such as location, lighting, appearance and body language.

What to do before the interview:
Checking the technology to be used, practising the most common questions asked, researching the company and having a plan in place if something goes wrong.

What to do during the interview:
Show enthusiasm, smile, ask questions, show interest. Remember your body language.

What NOT to do during the interview.

What you get for the service:

  • One to one coaching. Ninety minutes to demonstrate techniques and tips you can use for a polished interview. The service will be online.
  • A checklist. To ensure that the interview goes smoothly.
  • A booklet. The booklet is titled “10 most common questions asked and how to answer them”. It will go into details on the questions asked by recruiters and how to answer them confidently.

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Only £70