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Local school providing workshops for parents

I recently attended a workshop for parents that were being presented at a local school, Prince of Wales, in Enfield.

The topic was how to help your child learn their timetable, which as any parent knows, is a difficult subject to get across at home. It was presented by Mrs Neocleous, a Number Count Teacher with many years experience teaching children maths. She covered what he children will be learning per year group, the techniques the teachers use in the classrooms and the things that we, as parents, can do at home.

Although she covered the topic for the younger age groups, there were a lot to tips which could be used for older children. Playing times table bingo, card and computer games will make a big difference. There are a number of websites covering multiplication in a fun way, one of them is BBC Bitesize ( They have a range of games to help our child with any subject.

As a parent, these workshops are great and I had learnt new ways to get my son to learn his timetables.

I have been assured that information from the workshop will be available on the school website ( Do check it out as there is a cute school song, which plays when you enter the school site. It is recorded and sung by the pupils of the school. Lovely and different.

Does your school have workshops to help you help your child?

Until next time.