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CV Creation Service

CV Creation Service

CV writing skills

Why should your teenager have a CV?

There are many reasons why your teenager should have a CV.

  • Shows that they can be responsible. Any previous work, activities, and volunteering experiences they have done, is viewed as a positive attribute. It indicates that they can be dependable and can handle responsibility.
  • Highlight their ambition. Outside activities that your teenager takes part in will highlight their passion and dedication for that activity. It is a way to show how hard-working your teenager can be.
  • Set them apart from other students.
  • Helpful for letters for reference or recommendation. It will help teachers, previous employers, etc., remind them of what your teen has done.
  • It is a record of achievements.  

They are never too young to have a part-time job! The minimum age a child can start working part-time is 13 years old, only part-time and light work but check Government websites for the conditions for working at a young age (

We can help your teenager write their first CV. 

Our CV Creation service is used by children from 13 years old; to create their first CV. They will get:

  • Two hours of one-to-one coaching. The session is online. You will be shown how to fill in the Experience Journal© and then use the information to create your CV.
  • An Experience Journal©. Skills gained is recorded in a digital journal. It can be from work experiences, leisure activities, charity work or volunteering. Useful as a record of achievements.
  • A blank CV template. Designed for the teenager with little or no work experience.


Only £70

Let us help your teen take the first steps to the world of work.

Call us on 020-3078-9826 or Contact us for more details.


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