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About Us

Anita Busby Gold Medal Tuition

The inspiration

Gold Medal Tuition is the vision of Anita Busby.

The idea came about in 2013 when her son started year one at his local school. It was discovered that he was found to have a reading age below the national standard for his age.

The teacher decided that extra help was needed for him to catch up. He was enrolled in an intensive reading programme at the school. These were one to one sessions with a teacher on a regular basis, over several weeks. It was soon afterwards that Anita noticed that not only had his reading improved, but his confidence grew too.

“I immediately saw the difference having one to one attention had on my son. I knew that if this could help one child, there are many out there who could benefit too”

At Gold Medal Tuition, we believe that “If you give children the tools and resources to overcome difficulties and build self-esteem, they will succeed beyond their wildest imagination. Truly reaching for the stars”.

Our aim is to help all students achieve their potential by giving them individual attention, tips and techniques to build their confidence and enjoy learning.

Contact us to find out how we can help your child.