My 8-year-old son was struggling with his timetables and would get frustrated when I tried to help him. I contacted Anita Busby of Gold Medal Tuition and she found us a lovely tutor named Sarah. Sarah made the sessions fun. The more he learnt and understood, the more confident he became. He’s not afraid to maths now.   Hilary Watson, Southgate

Thank you, Anita, for getting my daughter into college. She was having difficulty studying and revising for her Foundation GCSE Maths. The tutor you got us helped so much. Davis was patient with her, helped her to create a study plan and gave her revision tips which really helped. she got the grades she needed. Thank you! S. Okolo, Enfield Town

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I got into the catering college I wanted. Cassie was a great tutor. Nathan, Chingford

I have two children, a boy in year 5 and a daughter in year 9. My son was not concentrating at school and was having a hard time with his English homework. His handwriting was terrible and he felt bad about it. His confidence was low. My daughter had started year 9 and needed help to manage her study time better. Anita found 2 tutors for the children. John helped my son with improving his handwriting and to become confident in English; Amelia taught my daughter how to plan her study so that she didn’t feel overwhelmed. I didn’t know how to help my children, Anita Busby did!  Deborah Williams, Enfield Chase

My Gemma loves doing Maths lessons with Karen. Karen was so patient with her, especially as Gemma has trouble staying focused and can get distracted easily.  Her maths skill has improved so much. I’m so pleased. Mrs Browne, Potters Bar  

What I like about Gold Medal tuition is that they go the extra mile to help. I had extra worksheets, books, they even sent some links to websites to help my George with his GCSE Biology sessions. Things I didn’t know was around and wouldn’t know where to find them.  It was a great help for George.  Mr Evans, Finchley