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Are you a Nursery or Day-care centre looking to stand out from the crowd?
Are you looking to offer more than just childcare?
Do you want to provide the best start for the children in your care?

Gold Medal Tuition is your number one stop when you need help with your children, to help them maximise their potential. To help achieve this, we are now offering a service for nurseries and day care centres.

We provide tutors who will go along to your nursery or day care centre and provide language sessions, teaching your children to learn a new language in a fun and exciting way. This is aimed for pre-schoolers (3 to 5 years old). Your children will learn via songs, nursery rhymes, movements and many other interactive and engaging activities.

What are the benefit for your children?

It is easier for them to learn a second or even a third language at this age.
They can mimic sounds and recognise the subtle difference within the words.
They acquire native-like fluency easily, compared to adult learners.
It can enhance children’s overall verbal development.
It increases critical thinking, creativity and flexible thinking.
They are better at problem solving. Helps children better understand other cultures, expression and styles of communications.
They usually score higher in standardised test, outperforming their single peers.
In later years, career opportunities increase for those with additional languages.

What is the benefit to you?

You will have the competitive edge over other nurseries/ day-care centres in your area. This will encourage parents of the A/B socio-economic group to your establishment.
Parents like the thought of teaching language early and will be supportive of the sessions.
You will be able to charge, on average, 5-10% more in fees.

We keep our pricing reasonable, because we know it matters.

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