Summer reading challenge

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My son received a good school report recently, especially with his reading. As a reward we got him to choose of his choice to buy. Naturally it is based on a computer game but he is excited about the book. To encourage this enthusiasm, he has now joined the local library and signed up for […]

Spotting signs of Dyslexia in your child

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I came across an article in the Daily Mail, about Dyslexia, which I thought was interesting.The full story can be viewed in the link below: Spotted early, a child with dyslexia can be taught techniques to help them overcome their learning difficulties and build their confidence and self esteem. Until next time.  

Online learning: tutors at your fingertips

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  Online learning: tutors at your fingertips   With schools increasingly working with virtual providers, guided learning online is a cost-effective way to get educational help at home, says Katie Hughes   By Katie Hughes, The Telegraph, posted Tuesday 15th April 2014    The rich have long been able to whisk their children’s private tutors […]