Why online tuition works!

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A lot to the tuition carried out by the tutors of Gold Medal Tuition were face to face. It accounted for the majority of the sessions weekly. Covid19 has changed that. All of our sessions are online. Here is the reason why it works. So the next time you are considering tuition for your child, […]

Covid 19 and Tuition

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Covid 19 has changed the way private tuition is being conducted. All face to face tuition, tuition in groups and in centres are now looking to go online to help their students. With this in mind, we are offering online tuition for students taking their GCSE and A Levels exams in 2021. We have the […]

Phonics in school: is it working?

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While searching the internet, I came across this article. It suggests that the government focus on phonics as a way of helping children to read, is working. My son learnt to read using phonics and now at the age of eight years of age, is a confident reader. How has it been for your child when […]

Building Resilience in Children

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As parents, we want the best for our children. To be happy, do well at school, have good friends and thrive in an ever changing environment. To do this, children need to have the strength to deal with challenges they may face.  The ability to cope with these challenges is known as Resilience.  The definition […]